The Nature of Contemporary Greed

At some point in my mid-teenage years, I observed that wealthy, powerful people were often not very nice. Around the same time, I observed that humble, honest working people, tradespeople, and rural people were often quite nice and hospitable. That’s how it appeared to me in the nineteen fifties.

As I matured, I noticed that the people with wealth and power were held in high esteem. I would learn that the foundations of the wealth were most often low, sleazy ways of exploitation. Some were bootleggers. Some were crooked gamblers. Some used ‘union busters’ to attack and batter protesters. They wore fabulous suits, rode in stunning automobiles, and exploited honest, vulnerable people. The members of the Oligarchy were respected, in spite of the fact that they were the lowest in society.

I have witnessed much in all my decades of life. While Kennedy was a beloved president, he won the position with the collusion of ‘The Mob’. There was a deal between Kennedy’s father, and they enjoyed years of excessive profits together. Then, with Jack Kennedy in the White House, the family thought they were in the driver’s seat. Not so.

The deal would have been to leave the mob alone, and you can be president. The Kennedys underestimated the mob, and did as they pleased. Jack appointed his brother Bob as attorney general, and beloved Bobby immediately went after the mob. Well, if you haven’t heard, both were wiped out with ease, by the mob on which they cheated. The point here is: not only were the Kennedys in league with a bad bunch, they were so low, they even cheated on the deal with the criminals.

Scratch the surface of most ultra-wealthy families and you’ll find swine at the source. Rockefellers, Hiltons, Melons, Bronfmans, and more fortunes are founded on evil. Think twice before bestowing honours on the wealthy and powerful. At the moment, estimates are that Putin has stolen so much, he’s now the wealthiest man in the world. A murderer, an exhibitionist is the ‘elected’ president of Russia. An ideal pal for Trump.





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