The True Love of Melania Trump

Imagine a gorgeous model, making her successful way through a life of glamour. There comes an occasion when she sees an older man. People seem to gather around him. Melania wonders why. She finds him quite unattractive, like the fabled ‘Ugly American’. He is, in fact, quite ugly, with a radiant, orange face and a hairstyle like an Orangutan.

“Why is that homely oaf in the baggy suit getting all that attention?” she wonders aloud. A nearby servant overhears her.

“He has several billion dollars,” the servant says, “and many New York buildings. He even has a personal Boing 747 jet plane. They say it’s lined with gold.”

“What’s his name?” Melania asks.

“Trump,” the servant says. “Donald J. Trump.”

“Thank you,” says Melania. She puts her drink down on a table and snakes her way across the room to the object of her fancy. “Oh, Mr. Trunk,” she says.

“It’s Trump!” he says.

“Oh, Mr. Trump,” she says, “I’ve been a follower of yours for a long time. I’m so pleased to finally meet you in person.”

“You should be pleased,” Trump says. “Everybody wants to meet me. I have thousands of people trying to meet me. Putin, Churchill…”

“Uh… Churchill’s dead,” Melania points out.

“Oh, I didn’t hear. I’m sorry,” Donald says. “I was wondering why he didn’t return my calls.”

“He’s been dead a long time,” she says.

“He didn’t call for a long time,” Trump shrugs. Meanwhile, Melania smiles sweetly as Donald grasps her vagina and kisses her mouth with his suction cup lips.

“Oh, Thank you Mr. Trump,” she says.

“Call me Donald,” he says. “Let’s get married.”

“Yes, let’s,” says Melania, with a girlish blush.

Does this make Melania Trump, soon to be first lady of America, the most expensive  whore in the USA?


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