Born to be Victims

Some people are born with the need to acquire. They feel inexorably drawn toward wealth and power. Very often, these future titans of commerce are born to simple, honest, working-class people. The young people from these families will gradually make their way into the surrounding society and witness, “how the other half lives.”

These young people observe others in splendid automobiles, in splendid neighborhoods, on heavenly vacations; and they want the same. They need the same to fulfill their needs. Not needs for food, shelter, and clothing. Rather, they are voracious in their need to be better, to earn more, to acquire more and become dominant in their environment. It is painfully uncomfortable for these needy men and women to have less than the holdings of others that they meet. The result is persistent, irresistible greed.

When a greedy individual is driven by the need to acquire more, the shortest route is to take someone else’s share. They believe that if they are able to take advantage of a person, community, or business, it is the fault of the victim for being vulnerable. There is a good supply of sociopaths out there in society. Their nature leads them to seek advantage, either fair or unfair, and never suffer a moment of regret or shame. Greed is an illness. People that have plenty, but suffer a need for more, are always dissatisfied.

The born victims often live happier lives than do their predators. They are self-satisfied when they have enough. Although they are potentially victims as they travel through life, they are fulfilled by having a home, having food in the refrigerator, a car in the driveway, an air conditioner in the window and the family together at the dinner table.

Victims are stung momentarily when a client refuses to pay, or a supplier cheats on the bill, but it is temporary. A relentless appetite drives the greedy people that cheat on bills and refuse to pay.

Occasionally, a wealthy person from a privileged background will realize that they are not enjoying life. A grand city home plus a fine country home come with much responsibility. The city home has cars, grounds, pool, and much interior maintenance. The country home includes grounds, well, boats, water toys, and as much kitchen as the city home. It suits the dreams of many, but they would be wise to take care about their wishes because they might come true.

These people who start out life amid predators and learn through growth that it’s a way of life that does not suit them, eventually decide to live more easily. They acquire average jobs or better, they enjoy a comfortable home life, buy late model used cars, tow their small boat behind the car and enjoy their outing through a public boat ramp. They have no private pier, no boathouse, no winter storage fees.

Fast food can be fun, and less of a burden than a fine restaurant. An occasional movie or sports event is enough, so Broadway plays are not sought after. To fill the larder, attention paid to weekly fliers can repay at the checkout counter. Life is good when one lives happily free of urgent stress.


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