The Painless Life of the Sociopath

If you have ever known a person who seemed to be untouched by scenes and situations that affected your emotions strongly, you have known a sociopath. The person that feels no regret after having cheated, stolen and lied, and left anxious victims in difficulty, is a sociopath.

A young woman that worked as an office temp also had a night job. She took advantage of her pulchritudinous form and love of dance to work as a stripper. She was not driven to this profession by desperation. She was, by nature, an exhibitionist. No profession is more suited to an exhibitionist than is exotic dancer. She felt no shame nor fear, she felt only the eager admiration from the men in her audience.

She did not perform in bars with platforms and poles for the girls. One could not legally strip down to absolutely nothing in bars. For that reason alone, she danced only in theatre settings. She loved the thrill when she revealed her vagina, surrounded with trimmed hair. She was elated when she saw the stunned faces of the men in the first few rows.

She earned good fees for her office work, she did very well at her night work, and earned voluminous tips there, as well. When approached by an audience member outside the theatre, she might pause to acknowledge him, or she might just brush past him to slide into the waiting taxi. On the other hand, if he was good looking, well dressed, felt warm and sincere and spoke with a nice voice and good diction, she might pause a moment to chat.

In the case of Paul Nealand, she paused because he seemed to fit the bill. His eyes were a penetrating, dark blue. He spoke like a man with an education, in a voice that was like a quiet rumble. He asked if he could take her to supper. She considered it for a moment. She liked the way he looked into her eyes while they talked. The waiting taxi took them to the Bristol Steak House, where they talked of life and ate very lightly.

Paul fell in love with her. She told him she didn’t know what love is. He suggested they live together and he could help her to know love. Devoid of feelings, she agreed to live with him if he paid the way. He agreed, and the woman quit her day job and rejected any offers of temporary positions. She became a permanent stripper on the circuit, and lived life as she chose.

She had no feelings, as she is a sociopath. It didn’t trouble her to tell Paul that she’d enjoyed several lovers while away for a week, performing in another city. Paul had expected such behaviour and had hoped to avoid it by being devoted and productive. Still, the blow was delivered in an arrogant way, as if she was sure she had Paul totally under her control. Her cold cruelty diminished his feelings toward her, and he soon expelled her from his home.

He heard from her several years later. She called to gloat that she was marrying a successful lawyer who had just bought her the new Mazda RX8 from which she was calling. He congratulated her, and asked her to forget that she’d ever known him. She asked him why. She was shocked. He pointed out that she was dishonest, a sneak, promiscuous and lacking sincerity. She claimed that she couldn’t help it. He knew that, so he agreed, and hung up.

She called one last time. The new lawyer/husband had thrown her out of his home, and she had no place to go. Paul told her that he was sure she could sell herself to another victim, and hung up forever.


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