When One Dies, Others Suffer

Tony Rosato died on Monday. Throughout his family of friends and supporters in the business of entertainment, great sadness and sense of loss is a burden on each person. Personally, my connection with him was brief and pleasant. I had cast him in a series of commercials for Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, and he was perfect in the role. He was very likeable because he was sincere. A very nice man, and many people that know what a fine guy he was, are suffering.

It seems that almost always, whether a person dies of natural causes, by accident, through homicide or suicide, the surviving family and friends suffer. When John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated, it seemed like much of the world was suffering the loss.

I don’t believe there’s an afterlife or spirit world. I believe that when the heart and brain cease to function, that person is finished. Not gone to another life, just gone, no longer an entity on earth. There are two aspects of that person that remain: any wisdom or love the person gave to someone in life, that wisdom goes on in the living, and will be passed on to others. The second aspect is sorrow. The place that the deceased used to occupy becomes an empty space forever after.

My younger brother passed away some years ago. I would like to have some conversations with him… but I never will.


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