We’ve Lost Our Animal Instincts

The burst of green/blue in the atmosphere over Oklahoma is not weather. It’s the mass of  birds that suddenly took off, all together, and headed out of  that state, where they had been gathered. No one  that witnessed it could imagine why. Until a short time later…



There was an earthquake. The birds felt it coming and took off. It seems that Oklahoma endures hundreds of little earthquakes per year. This one was larger than most, and the frequency of quakes is increasing.

I once spent a week in Scranton Pennsylvania, a town built on coal mines. Literally, the earth beneath the city is honeycombed with tunnels. From time to time, a few housed drop through their land and settle in a mining tunnel.

What if all the oil drilling, pumping, and  fracking cause Oklahoma City to collapse into the unnaturally altered earth upon which it’s built? Because of greed, it will not stop . Greed is the motivation for almost everything in today’s world. Style, art, and craftsmanship, when one can find them, are subject to marketing and advertising. I believe that an artist is wise to obliterate the thoughts of commercial value to the work. The artist should work to satisfy the self and let the commercial chips fall where they may.




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