Pigs Beget People

We the people are forever striving for more and better of anything good. We must assume that life is good, because science is now developing ways to grow replacement parts for the human body. It seems that the DNA of a pig is sufficiently close to that of a human, that it might be possible for the porcine to grow spare parts for people. However, I question the wisdom of installing aftermarket parts for people. Life might not be ‘good’ after pig-grown kidneys or hearts have been installed.

Mary Tyler Moore has just died. Might she have been saved by a pig part? On the other hand, she lived to 80, which is a pretty good run. I believe she was diabetic as well, so eighty years is an achievement. I’m 80 now, but I don’t feel like death is imminent. I wonder if it just happens. One is walking in the garden, and the lights go out forever. I wouldn’t mind. I’d rather that than a long spell in a bed, suffering embarrassing invasions.

It’s unlikely that science will stop at porcine parts for people. They will press on into the future, hoping to make people. I prefer the natural way to make people. They arrive in a small size, and while they grow into fruition, there is time to teach them some of the stuff they’ll need as life goes on.

I think something between 85 and 100, give or take a decade, is a good lifespan. My friend’s grandfather lived to 105, and was bright right to the end. I’d like to live that long, and I’d accept pig parts to do it. I have a late-life granddaughter, and I want to see her at 20. I want more time with my wife, my daughter, and my friend.


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