Smart, Gifted, and Gorgeous

The recent political hullabaloo in the United States has me watching much more news than I usually watch. I am curious about the people who present the news on television. The men and women are generally physically attractive; the women more than the men. The women who anchor several segments on CNN, NBC and other broadcasters are far above average in physical beauty

In my office, we used to say, “Cheap, Good, Fast… pick two.” I wonder if that’s how anchors are chosen. “Smart, Gifted, and Gorgeous… must have all three.” I’m thinking about this today because one of my favourites, Tamron Hall, has quit NBC and MSNBC because they insulted her by replacing her with Megyn Kelly on one show. She was offered millions, apparently, to stay and anchor other shows. She walked away from it.


Why is Tamron Hall so valuable? For one thing, she is splendidly beautiful. She is also very intelligent, and she has the talent to do her job well. She helps the audience feel sympathy when she shows pain on her lovely face, during the unfolding of a sad story.

I wonder if other talented women do not get the on-air opportunity because they lack the beauty, although they might be very smart. Others could be brilliant and beautiful, but lack the talent and personality. In any case, I’m sure Ms. Hall will show up somewhere, and continue to be as good as anyone on the air.


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