Win Love, Be Real

I knew a woman that did anything that a ‘gentleman caller’ liked to do. This was not a young, pretty woman with a nice body. This was a woman around fifty years old, with a puckered, homely face and a pear-shaped body. An outdoors man was dating her. I don’t know why, except that she was sexually available and she was a research nurse working on the HIV epidemic. Perhaps, because of that, he felt that she was a person safe for coitus.

Despite the fact that this woman was the complete opposite of an outdoors person, she went along with whatever he suggested. She preferred to sit in dimly lit rooms, reading by a single lamp. She rarely left the heart of the city. However, when this man suggested a day in the country, she accepted and was off for an outdoorsy weekend.

When parked by a river in a secluded spot, he urged her to join him in an impromptu ‘skinny dip’ in the river. Her natural habitat was a dimly lit room with one light by which to read romance novels. She has the poor judgment to pretend she also likes what the man likes, wallowing naked in the outdoors, her pendulous breasts bobbin on the surface. I don’t know how the scene unfolded, but it set my mind to thinking about what might the future hold for that woman.

In the unlikely circumstance that the man wanted to share his life with this false front of a woman, how would she handle it? She would be asked to go wilderness camping, canoeing and portaging and maybe sometimes shooting the rapids. Gathering firewood so food could be cooked and coffee made. All of this is totally wrong for this woman. On the other hand, if she had been real, the man would have had dinner with her, seen that they were incompatible, and a pleasant evening is all it would have been.

If that woman would be real, she might be browsing in a bookstore, or attending a gallery vernissage, and meet a completely suitable companion. They could discuss some books, or comment on artworks. Perhaps, some day, they would co-habit, and enjoy quiet evenings in a dimly lit room, with two small reading lamps and recordings of chamber music playing softly in the low light. At bed time, they would enjoy sex.


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