The Burden of Beauty

Any person that is not similar to the surrounding community has problems that others do not share. The eccentric old woman who goes to the supermarket in her old wedding dress is regarded with caution. The bohemian artist who walks main street in a beret with a cat on a leash will be politely avoided. The mechanic who wears a suit and tie while working on automobiles will be talked about in the Legion Hall. Although they’re all harmless, peculiarities do form a tangible barrier.

A strikingly handsome man might have some social problems, like aggressive or determined women. It is likely to be a much easier problem than the gorgeous woman might have. Men can become aggressive and constant in their quest of a woman that is too beautiful to ignore. She has to be intelligent and wise, so she can stay safe in spite of being seen as a desirable target.


There was a popular song some years ago, performed by a group that was called “Dr. Hook” if I recall correctly. The chorus was, “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman, you watch her eyes.” There is constant pressure on a man who has an outstandingly beautiful woman on his arm. He must make sure he deserves her.

Women of great beauty should also seek great knowledge. Beauty will desert them, but knowledge gained will always be part of them. The most attractive part of a woman is her brain.


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