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The Burden of a Creative Spirit

One who is filled with the creative spirit is always alone. When driving to work or riding public transit, the creative spirit is working within the mind. The face of the old woman in her kerchief would be nice to sketch, one’s mind thinks. The kid with the striped beard might be from the city’s wealthiest family. He might have ostracized them because they did not believe in his yet-to-be-discovered talent. The creative mind is relentlessly working, painting pictures or writing stories.

Those creative spirits among us are in inevitable conflict with the surrounding community. That’s why ‘creative communities’ develop, where the eccentricities of bohemian personalities are a comfortable norm. That’s fine for those of us who reside in cities or towns where such a community exists, but what of those who lack access to like-minded companions.

An old woman on a remote farm might be developing some wonderful paintings. A young man in the military might be writing admirable short stories. Those people, in their inappropriate environments, are likely to be regarded by the community around them as ‘peculiar’, or at least ‘different’. The constant desire to experience things of all kinds keeps the creative spirit working within the creative person.

The secret inner life of the creative person is a mystery to the surrounding community. Often, I am presented with problems that need a creative solution. Over the decades, I have learned to trust my instincts and just execute the ideas that form within. I no longer worry that I might have missed the mark.

It is always a bit of a surprise to me that clients don’t think of the same idea on their own. On the contrary, they seem blown away by the idea that is simple and quick for me. I recall a time when I created an entire newspaper campaign in my head, while driving home from the meeting. I presented it to the client the next morning. It was approved and put into production.

Creativity is a mystery to everyone, including those with the creative spirit.


Mosquitoes’ Knees

I work hard from time to time, trying to believe there’s a God or even gods, as there seems to be several. So far, I’ve been unable to do it. I test the concept of this omnipotent something, spirit or… I don’t know what. “Have faith,” they say. “Nonsense” I say. At the same time, there is a large collection of physical evidence that evolution, not god, is the reason for everything.

I think about the mosquito, tiny, annoying, and potentially lethal. When god said Let There Be this and that, were a pair of mosquitoes included in the creation? After all, a mosquito is a very complex creature. It flies, it seeks flesh which it penetrates with a miniscule tube. It takes in the victim’s blood and takes off with it to lay eggs by the thousand. It is only the pregnant female that stings, because it needs blood to procreate.

I think to myself, that’s a hell of a system god designed there. What made him even think of that? And why? What overall function can that have in the balance of the fishes and the creatures of earth? Besides the suction tube, wings, and the body that can balloon full of blood, the mosquito has several legs. Each leg has several knee-like joints. These are tiny appendages – did god design them, or did they simply ‘become’ when god said, “Let there be…”?

The mosquito has equipment to help its species continue. Did god assign the ideal physical characteristics? It’s much more likely that over the span of time from the big bang up to now, that chemicals and conditions of every possible kind, melded and mixed in heat and cold, created all things on earth, including the mosquito’s knees.

Maybe You Can, but Shouldn’t

In most residential areas, people are allowed to have raucous parties with loud music until 11:00 PM. The law says you can, but perhaps you shouldn’t. There might be some ill older people that could suffer from the disturbance. A single mother who needs her rest has a colicky infant that is kept awake and crying. You can make the it if you wish, but I think it’s best to consider it. Of course, most any neighbourhood should be tolerant of a loud party once or twice a year.

Maybe you can stop in front of your girl’s home and honk your horn to call her to hurry to you, but you shouldn’t. You’ll score points all around if you exit the car, go to the door and knock politely, and greet the occupants warmly.

Maybe you can get up from the dinner table without a word and pick your teeth while you wander into the TV room. You flop down on the sofa and turn on the TV while she’s in the kitchen. She’s washing up the dinner dishes and cutlery from the delicious meal she created and served. She received no word of gratitude or appreciation. Maybe you could do something better than take without giving back. Do the dishes yourself, and do them well. You are very likely to be rewarded in a happy way.

There are almost limitless numbers of things that we can do, but shouldn’t. The very least we should feel obliged to do is take a moment to consider the wider ramifications of the act or words we plan to use.

2020 Foresight

I have avoided political commentary so far in my blogs. However, Donald Trump and his cohorts grow increasingly vile, and the republican rabble continues to believe in their hero’s unbelievable lies. I don’t see Trump as the number one villain. The incredibly naïve American voter is number one to blame… each and every one of the stinking bunch of them. Trump is mentally damaged, perhaps by the emotional abuse rained upon him by his greedy German father. What excuse can there be for the voters?

If you Trump voters and continued supporters have any brains at all, you will see that Trump did not actually win, just as Hitler did not actually win. Trump used treason and foreign money to seize the president’s office. Hitler used “Brownshirts” in the streets, beating Jews, smashing their stores and painting words and symbols on their homes and businesses, to make them the subjects of scorn and rejection.

If one takes an analytical look at Trump’s actions, one can see that there is a person guilty of similar activities to Hitler’s. The lies, the support for the white supremacists, the incitement to violence all show that you have a mentally disturbed person in the White House. He is surrounded by similarly sick people. The people who voted for Trump, and continue to support and believe in him, need to be overwhelmed by truth.

If you’re a Trump supporter, SHAME ON YOU!

Homemakers And Husbands

I’m sure there are still more stay-at-home moms than those who have outside jobs. Husbands who are able to have a homemaker wife are very fortunate indeed. Those same, fortunate husbands should not slide into the belief that mom has an easy time at home while he sweats it out in the office or at the plant.

While dad is grinding out his daily labour, his wife might be imagining him chatting up the pretty stenographer. She might see them enjoying lunch together, perhaps with a pitcher of beer. She might be on edge for no reason, while she dusts the furniture, freshens the beds, shops for groceries and plans a week’s meals.

The husband, on the other hand, envisions his wife relaxing on the sofa, watching soap operas. He sees the young man that mows the lawn, asking his wife for a glass of water while he holds her close and caresses her back, toying with her bra clasp. He sees her at a neighbour’s home, sipping coffee, eating snacks and chatting comfortably.

There’s nothing the husband can do to change the wife’s visions of his work day, but he can learn more about her work day. For just one week, do the wife’s job. I share the household chores. Do you know what  it’s like to wash the same dishes you washed yesterday. Do you know the burden of vacuuming the stairs yet again? Do you know what it’s like handling stinking socks and underwear, washing them, drying them and putting them where they belong? Do you know what it’s like to prepare fifteen or twenty meals per week? Can you imagine trying to stay on a budget while presenting a variety of meals to the family?

Mending torn jeans, ironing shirts, stacking dinnerware, sorting cutlery, might all be in a homemaker’s day. It’s not a roll in the hay, it’s a damn tedious, repetitive job, seven days a week and potentially 24 hours a day.

Forgive your wife her edginess. Give her love and gratitude. It will help both of you.

We Are But Echoes

In most cases, a son whose father always preferred Chrysler products over Ford and GM is likely to choose to drive Chrysler products. If the parents are Catholic, so will be the children. If the family is Jewish, so will be the children.

What echo might be heard by an orphan or a foster child? In one home, one must toe the line on bathing, bedtimes, wardrobe, etc. In another home, one is left in peace, to read, or smoke, or play with the others on the street. What might that child echo?

Often, the parental example is blocked out by a child. I know of a boy that was born to a dignified, educated family of professionals. He was educated in some of the best schools, in which he wreaked havoc.

In the end, he became a biker, traveling the country and dealing drugs. However, he did echo dignity with which his parents infused him.

It can make for a very unhappy life for one who echoes her parents, although their style is inappropriate for the daughter. It is far better to risk failure by seeking one’s own path to one’s own goals. A person who lives the life they are pressured to live rather than their own choice will, at the time of their death, have not lived at all.

Do not fear failure. When we have a failure, we have not lost, we have learned. We take what we learned in the failed attempt, correct for it, and try again. That is how success is attained. Learn from failures because they are lessons, correct for it, and try again. That is how success is attained. Learn from failures because they are lessons.

You have not lost until you quit. As long as you don’t quit, and persevere through the necessary failures, there’s nothing left but success.

The Victim Is Not The Sinner

David was grumbling aloud. David is an uptight guy. He needs any reason or no reason, but he’s always nervous. Apparently his mother was severely depressed, and it was a burden on David while he was growing up.

David had just given $20 to an old man at the door. The man claimed to be a rabbi without a congregation, and was hoping to create a synagogue. Now David was grumbling. He was thinking, what if the guy wasn’t a real rabbi? What if he just takes the $20 and buys a small bottle of gin and a cheap hooker.

I wanted to give David some relief, if I could. I pointed out that he’d done nothing wrong. In fact, he’d done an  act of gracious generosity, which is a good thing and it was the right thing to do. If the man is a liar, he has sinned. David, however, was honourable, and has not sinned. The victim is not the sinner.

If someone disappoints you, and does something against you, don’t blame yourself. You’ve done nothing wrong. You are the victim and your antagonist is the sinner.