“Let’s have a smoke first, to whet our appetites,” he said.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I haven’t smoked grass in ten years.”

“Well, it’s time you did again,” Nick said, and put the joint between my lips. He held a flame to it, and I sucked in just a little of the pungent smoke and handed the joint to him. He took his toke and handed the joint back to me. I took a larger puff and watched Nick’s face relax as the smoke curled lazily out of his wide nostrils. I had a coughing fit because I took too much too quickly, and the effects of the drug were powerful. I felt sexy and free and hungry for everything. My inhibitions were swept aside. I went to Nick and kissed him on the mouth. I just had to see what it was like to feel those big, beautiful lips on mine. It was exciting, and I clung to Nick while he walked me toward the wall of cupboard doors. He swung them open from the centre, and I gasped at the sight of what he’d revealed. The wall and the insides of the doors were loaded with all kinds of bondage and sadist/masochist paraphernalia.

“What’s this all about?” I said. I didn’t like the turn things had taken.

“It’s about having a good time. Come on, Annette, pick something out,” he said. “You know damn well that you’d like to see what some of this stuff feels like, right?”

I thought about what he said. He’s a decent guy it seems. He’s well spoken, and… well, a hunk-and-a-half. Maybe I should see how one of these things feels. I stepped closer to look at some leather and rubber garments. It was sometimes difficult to tell what they were, and how they would be worn. Suddenly, while I was studying a black rubber helmet and face mask, Nick slipped up behind me and deftly fastened a red leather collar around my neck. I clawed at it with my fingers, but Nick had it locked in place. I turned to face him and saw that he had a leather leash attached to my collar.

“Don’t, please,” I pleaded.

“Don’t be afraid, Annette. You are not going to be hurt… you are going to be educated. There are things you need to know, and we are going to teach you.”

“We?” I was really frightened at the sound of that. A red light flashed and Nick went to the door leading me with the leash. I was humiliated.

“That will be them now,” he said. I couldn’t pull away from Nick. He was able to pull me along with seemingly no effort. I was fully dressed, but with this collar around my neck, being led by this huge man, I was humiliated. He opened the door and greeted the couple that came in. The guy was white and big, about the same size as Nick, and the woman with him was as black as Nick and almost as tall, but slender and muscular in her leather skirt and top with a firm bare midriff showing in between, a diamond stud in her navel.


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